Meet Our Host and Founder


Welcome to Boots & Whiskey Entertainment. My name is Jim and I am the host and owner of Boots & Whiskey Entertainment.

I started this idea in June of 2021 and it quickly has grown into something I could never have imagined.

It all started out with the idea of talking about country music and whiskey and getting my thoughts and views on it out to an audience. After a few short episodes, I decided that maybe interviews with Independent artists would be fun to try. I was sick of just talking to myself, so I put it out on social media, and the response was overwhelming!

Our first guest George Ducas had reached out to me and said "Hey I love what you're trying to do, I would love to be your first guest." With that, the podcast was born into what we hear it as today.

After a very successful Season One, which encompassed 54 episodes, I decided Season Two was going to be even bigger! Season 2 will not be as many episodes, but the content will be even better!

We have launched a YouTube channel for our Whiskey Reviews and Concert Reviews and we are looking to expand into other areas of the genre and the community as much as possible.

With that, thank you for checking us out and stay tuned with what's coming next! We are always growing and you never know who you may hear on the show!

Until next time, keep your boots on the ground and the whiskey in the glass. Cheers!